“Necessity is the mother of invention”

A creation necessitated by COVID, we are excited to expand the TDS Online platform to enhance the educational offerings of The Dancer’s School. While TDS Online was primarily used to access online class video instruction during the shutdown, we have now enhanced and repurposed this site to become a regular part of every student’s monthly dance education. Only registered students will have access to TDS Online. A new TDS code will be provided when fall classes resume. It will always be a work in progress. Major components of content include:

  • STAYING CONNECTED/ At the end of each month every teacher will submit a video of class work or choreography. When students have to be absent they will be able to stay current by having access to the video highlights of class work. No one should ever feel behind with this virtual backup content.
  • MUSIC / Show music mixes (when ready).
  • BONUS VIDEOS/ tutorial videos, class footage, community performances, etc:
  • THE DANCER’S LIBRARY /Age appropriate enrichment suggestions; books, music, movies, DVDs, quizzes. color sheets, etc:
  • TEACHER TALK/Monthly interview with a different teacher about all things dance.
  • NEWS/ Studio news and updates
  • Regular updating with added fun information each month.

This new learning tool will remain in place as a part of the total dance experience if the studio ever had to revert to total online classes. TDS Online content will now become a part of every student’s TDS monthly experience. This is not a voluntary subscription. A value cost of $15 a month, per family, should be included with the monthly dance fee. We trust every family will find it essential and enjoyable. Thank you